Tom Zehnder

TomTom is an award-winning composer and songwriter. A 20-year veteran of the video games industry (scoring over 60 titles) as well as a performing musician, he is equally comfortable conducting a 60-piece orchestra, recording and mixing in his state-of-the-art Pro Tools studio, or performing live with his band.

Zehnder’s experience includes writing and producing rock/dance/pop songs as well as scoring classic orchestral music for video games, TV ads and documentary films. His most recent project involved writing and producing two original songs and producing 7 “covers” for Ubisoft’s “Just Dance Kids 2014” dance game. Other highlights include “Van Helsing” (the game) (lead composer/music supervisor) which garnered nominations for “Music of the Year” and “Best Orchestral Recording;” collaborating with composer David Ortega to compose and whistle on the main theme for Disney’s #1 tablet game “Where’s My Mickey”; and Mattel’s “Barbie Princess and the Pauper” (composer/songwriter/singer) which won “Best Edutainment/Children Audio.”

He has also moved into musical “branding” by developing unique, memorable themes for several advertising campaigns for clients like Mattel Toys and Sky Perfect TV (Japan’s premier cable company). Zehnder is currently developing and testing a branding theme for another prominent firm but is contractually obliged not to disclose the name.

An eclectic and lover of all forms of music, Zehnder gets inspired rendering a multitude of styles and forging hybrid genres. Whether it’s an epic action title (Van Helsing), an irreverent quiz show requiring a punk band (Codehead), a whimsical jazz world (Curious George) or writing songs in French for the best selling educational title in France, (Adibou), Zehnder gets raves from producers and critics. “The (Van Helsing) soundtrack is where the audio shines though, as it captures the feel of the movie perfectly, swinging aptly between brooding mood music to epic crescendos during combat.” -XBOX World

Tom Zehnder holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in music composition summa cum laude from UCLA.